UPDATE: FBI Re-Releases Orlando 911 Call Transcript to Include ISIS Pledge

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Greg Gutfeld reacted to the Justice Department and FBI re-releasing previously redacted transcripts of the Orlando terrorist's 911 call after originally removing references to ISIS and Islam.

He said on The Five today that if the transcripts are to be released, they shouldn't leave out the key part.

"Those people were killed because of radical Islam. Removing that from the call is like removing the shark from Jaws, or the Nazis from Schindler's List."

He also questioned if the same measures would have been taken had the killer sworn allegiance to the KKK or the Aryan Brotherhood.

"It's not, so they focus on guns, blocking out a death cult that infects the planet like a growing malignancy. It's like blaming arson not on the arsonists, but on fire."

He closed with a brief science lesson for anti-gun liberals.

"So here's some science. Islamism preaches the murder of infidels. Then an Islamist murders, by his doctrine, infidels. Cause, meet effect. How could you deny that science, Mr. President?"

Watch the monologue above.

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