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An Air Force veteran was forcibly removed from a retirement ceremony at a California air base in a shocking scene that was caught on camera. 

Air Force Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez (Ret.) spoke out this morning on Fox and Friends, claiming that his removal from the April 3 flag-folding portion of the ceremony stemmed from his references to God in his speech.

Rodriguez, a 33-year veteran, said that retiring Master Sgt. Charles Roberson asked him to speak after hearing Rodriguez deliver the address to pay homage to Old Glory at other events. 

In the video the flag is being respectfully folded as Rodriguez is confronted by soldiers and pushed out of the room. 

Rodriguez's attorney, from First Liberty Institute, said his client wants an apology from the Air Force, including to the Roberson family, or he will pursue legal action.

"To see something like this transpire in our nation ... where people serve our nation honorably, like Chuck did for 26 years, and his family was there to witness this, it’s hard to even imagine," Rodriguez said.

The Pentagon reportedly updated its official flag-folding oration in 2005 to remove the word "God," but some veterans still choose the original version.

An official from Travis Air Force Base told Fox News that Rodriguez was removed because his participation was "unplanned" and that he "ignored numerous requests to respect the Air Force prescribed ceremony."

Watch Ainsley Earhardt's full interview above and the original video below. 

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