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Two Florida sheriff’s deputies were injured during the funeral procession for an Orlando victim on Saturday after a driver cut through the cavalcade of vehicles and struck them with her car, according to authorities.

The two Osceola County deputies were on their patrol motorcycles in the procession for Jean Carlos Mendez, who was killed in the Pulse nightclub attack, in Kissimmee, Florida.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., an "impatient" driver tried to pass through the procession, ramming the deputies and tossing them from their bikes.

The deputies were rushed to the hospital after the crash. One is in serious but stable condition and the other is stable.

Police cited Ivonne Morales, 44, for failing to yield to the procession.

“This was not on purpose. This was someone who got impatient,” Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Montes said.

"She is at fault in this crash," Montes said. "You can’t pull out in a funeral procession."

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