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After a Donald Trump rally in Virginia last week, two cousins decided to stop by a local restaurant for lunch.

When Shannon Riggs and Lauren Wolfrey arrived at the Cook-Out location in Colonial Heights wearing Trump paraphernalia, however, they were treated with disrespect.

After initially being denied service by a cashier, they were mocked by other employees. They eventually asked for a refund and left.

Riggs and Wolfrey appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today to describe the "shocking" incident.

Riggs said that when they first approached the takeout window, the cashier said, "Oh, hell no. I'm not serving them."

She said that a different employee eventually took their order, but they saw others inside laughing and taking pictures.

Riggs said that an order came up that appeared to be theirs, but when Wolfrey went to retrieve it, an employee told her, "Oh no, not for you," before laughing and giving her a dirty look.

That's when they decided to ask for a refund and leave.

"I've heard on the news about people being bashed [for] who they support, if they support Trump or Hillary or Bernie or whoever, but I never thought that I would experience it myself," Wolfrey said. "When I did, I was shocked. It was crazy."

Watch the segment above.

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