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A man who was shot three times during the Orlando terror attack said he had just one wish: to somehow be able to thank the police officer who dragged him to safety.

Angel Colon took three bullets to one of his legs. His other leg was crushed by people trying to escape the carnage inside the Pulse nightclub.

As he laid on the floor, expecting to die, while the shooter continued his rampage, an officer appeared above him and made sure that he was alive. He told the officer he couldn't walk, so he dragged him out of the club and left him near the sidewalk.

The officer's name was Omar Delgado, but they never got a chance to exchange names.

But yesterday, Angel's wish was granted. He and Officer Delgado were reunited at the local hospital where he's recovering.

Angel described the feeling of happiness he had at being able to meet and thank his hero.

"He came in and I just had a smile on my face. It was just happiness. I was so happy. I've been wanting to see...the man that took me out of that horrible place that was all just filled with craziness. I was happy, I was so happy."

Officer Delgado was one of several first responders who entered the nightclub while there was still an active shooter trying to kill people. He said he dragged three to four people himself to safety during the early morning hours. 

"Just knowing that I helped, I assisted saving that man's life and him thanking me... You just can't put into words, because you only get one life and now he can be with his family and continue living his life," he said.

Watch a second report on the reunion from Steve Harrigan on Special Report below.

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