Dozens of U.S. officials have called on the Obama administration to order "targeted military strikes" against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, with the aim of pressuring Damascus to accept a binding cease-fire and engage in peace talks.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 51 State Department officials advising Syria policy signed the so-called "dissent channel cable."

Tonight on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer was fiercely critical of Obama's "no-go" doctrine in Syria, saying it created a power vacuum filled by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

He said that it's very noteworthy that diplomats have come out "demanding military action and essentially retroactively criticizing very heavily Obama's decision years ago, when this was feasible to intervene in some way," referring to the Free Syrian Army.

"So, I think the policy at this point is impractical, but the fact that you get diplomats whose life is negotiation and not the use of force urging this, even at a late date when it probably is not practical, indicates how terrible a mistake Obama made when he had the chance to do something, and did nothing."

Watch the commentary above and James Rosen's report on the cable below.