'Special Kind of Stupid': Palin Slams Obama on Reaction to Orlando

Gun Shop Owner: We Warned FBI About Orlando Terrorist Weeks Before Attack

Mike Huckabee said that he's not surprised by a Gallup poll showing that Americans are split on whether to call the Orlando massacre an act of terror or an act of domestic gun violence.

He said that the mainstream media has been feeding the gun control narrative. But he reminded that the people who claimed lives at the Boston Marathon didn't use guns to carry out their attack.

"You know, I think sometimes people forget that the common denominator in a terroristic attack is not the weapon. It's a person with intent. And whether it's a shoe or a bombed stuffed in underwear, whether it's a pressure cooker, a gun, no matter what the weapon is, a knife, the common denominator is not the weaponry. The common denominator is a radicalized Islamic jihadist who is going to use whatever instrumentation possible to kill us."

He said that the case against Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen had "more red flags than a Chinese military parade."

"Now I understand that the FBI may not have had enough to arrest him, but they took their eyes off of him."

He blamed a "politicized" Justice Department more focused on tracking people like Fox News reporter James Rosen than terrorists.

Watch the full segment above.

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