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A Florida gun shop owner said that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen tried to buy bulk ammunition and heavy-duty body armor from his shop five or six weeks ago, and that they tried to warn the FBI.

Robbie Abell, who co-owns Lotus Gunworks in South Florida, said Mateen was asking about the highest-level body armor.

Abell said the salesman knew that this was "not a question that a normal civilian would ask."

He said that when Mateen was told the store doesn't carry that product, he started texting and talking to someone on his cell phone in a Middle Eastern-sounding language.

He then asked about bulk ammunition before leaving the store empty-handed.

Abell said staff were concerned, so they contacted the authorities about the shopper's suspicious behavior. The FBI reportedly asked if they could provide Mateen's name or image. They had neither, so that was as far as the matter went, as far as Abell knew.

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