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In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly expounded on the difficulties of covering the election without being attacked from either side.

He said that with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ranking unfavorably by so many Americans, "the concept of fair play is hard to pull off."

"The left wants to demonize Trump, and if you don't do that you are in the tank for him and a very bad person. The right wants to hammer Secretary Clinton on everything and if you don't do that you are selling out and a very bad person. Also if you don't openly root for a candidate you become suspect in the eyes of their followers."

He said that at some point or another, he will be condemned for not condemning one of the candidates or President Obama.

"If you don't despise everything they do, then you are misguided. And if you do criticize them, then you are a conservative zealot."

He said that proving any of them wrong will get you "attacked as a false messenger."

So, he concluded: "No longer does the truth set us free. In the current political climate, truth gets you hammered."

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