Stern Goes Off on Post-Orlando Gun Control Push: 'Do You Want a Fighting Chance?!'

'He's Basically Questioning Our Morality': Gutfeld Rips Obama's Orlando Remarks

Tonight on The Kelly File, Dana Loesch disagreed with another guest who argued that guns aren't an effective method of self-defense.

Loesch said she drew her conclusion from a "very expensive" CDC study, commissioned by the Obama Administration, which determined that concealed-carry and firearms are "a great deterrent to crime."

"I tell you what, I want to have a fighting chance because criminals don't pay attention to gun-free zones!" she said.

Loesch said she feels like she just became best friends with Howard Stern who was "so right" when he delivered an impassioned argument in defense of gun ownership earlier today.

She said that the AR-15 that some advocates want to declare a "weapon of war" is basically a .22; not the most effective killing machine.

"In fact if I was actually gonna go after a bad guy in my house, I'm not gonna grab my AR-15. I'm gonna grab my shotgun or I'm gonna grab my glock. I'm gonna grab something a little bit more serious."

Loesch said that banning AR-15's would actually amount to a "war on women" because it's the most popular rifle with women. 

"You're talking about disarming women and you're talking about misidentifying a semi-automatic rifle and acting like it's an automatic weapon," Loesch said.

Watch the full segment above.

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