CIA Director Warns of ISIS Using Refugee Streams to Move Operatives

Ex-CIA Officer: Obama Is Still 'Living in an Alternate Reality' on ISIS Threat

Charles Krauthammer said that the way to defeat ISIS is to change the perception among recruits that they're winning, and the way to do that is to physically drive them out of their sanctuary.

He said that we should be able to learn from the historical example set by Al Qaeda. He said that Al Qaeda attacked the U.S. four times, crescendoing with the attacks of September 11, 2001. After that, the U.S. went after them in Afghanistan, and there hasn't been a large-scale attack by them since. He said the same could work for ISIS.

"If they are in retreat, if they are driven out of their headquarters in Raqqa, that's the beginning of the end of that movement. In the end, you can harden all the soft targets you want in America, turn us into an armed encamp, you could keep all the Muslim immigrants you want away from our shores, it will make no difference. In the end, the only thing that will work, as it worked to a large extent with Al Qaeda, is you have to go after them where they live and drive them out."

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