Stern Goes Off on Post-Orlando Gun Control Push: 'Do You Want a Fighting Chance?!'

Ex-CIA Officer: Obama Is Still 'Living in an Alternate Reality' on ISIS Threat

Greg Gutfeld said he was disgusted with President Obama's "insulting" statement in Orlando, which he said politicized the terror attack and denigrated people who believe that Islamism is responsible.

"If he needs to see it through the prism of guns, and that gets him to the table to fight terror, fine," Gutfeld said. "But do not denigrate people who actually believe and know that the number one threat is Islamism." 

He also took issue with Obama's comment that it it's not "common sense" to expect people inside a nightclub to defend themselves with their own guns.

"Only 1 percent of the mass shootings that take place happen where you can defend yourself. The rest of them are in gun-free zones. That's common sense, Mr. President."

Gutfeld said the reason it took three hours for the standoff at the Pulse club to end was because "it took three hours to get the second gun there."

"He's basically questioning our morality that if we're not on his side, we're insulting these victims, and that's disgusting. It's just absolutely disgusting, and I expect more from him. I've defended him!"

Watch the reaction above, and the president's full statement below.

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