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Florida attorney general Pam Bondi (R) accused Anderson Cooper of blindsiding her with a question about whether she's a "champion" of the gay community.

Bondi said she agreed to appear with Cooper on CNN on Tuesday to discuss GoFundMe scams in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, along with alleged price-gouging by Florida funeral homes. 

But she said Cooper "flipped" on her once the interview started and launched into a challenge of Bondi on her opposition to same-sex marriage. 

Cooper said he had talked to a lot of gays and lesbians in recent days who called Bondi a "hypocrite," and recalled that she once said in court that same-sex marriage would cause "public harm."

"Do you really think you're a champion of the gay community?" Cooper asked.

Speaking on Fox and Friends this morning, Bondi said she first thanked Cooper for broadcasting outside a hospital and focusing attention on the victims. 

But she said that after a very brief discussion about the donation scams, Cooper unexpectedly flipped the conversation. 

Cooper has since said Bondi is either "mistaken or not telling the truth" about what was discussed before the interview. 

Bondi said the exchange was recorded and called on CNN to release the recording. She said that the situation in Orlando is "horrific" and that it was not the time to bring up politics. 

"There's a time and place for everything. ... Emotions are high. We're out there to help people," said Bondi, criticizing Cooper for trying to incite "anger and hatred."

Watch the interview above.

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