O'Reilly: 'In the Current Political Climate, Truth Gets You Hammered'

Krauthammer: 'You Have to Go After ISIS Where They Live and Drive Them Out'

CIA Director John Brennan today issued a stern warning about the capabilities of ISIS, including that the group may try to use refugee streams to infiltrate Western nations.

Tonight on Hannity, Herman Cain called on President Obama to "stop the inflow," saying that if he does not heed the warnings of his intelligence officials, he could end up with blood on his hands.

Cain said Obama is so willing to gamble with American lives because he's "more concerned about political optics than he is the security of the country."

"Here’s why he might be afraid to stop the inflow now. It would make it look as if Donald Trump was right and his suggestion--stop the inflow until we know more about what’s going on."

Watch the segment above.

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