Ryan: 'Obama Is Phoning It In on the War on Terror'

O'Reilly: Obama, Hillary Won't Take 'Drastic Action' Against ISIS

Katie Pavlich reacted to Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn and others saying that the Orlando attack has nothing to do with terror or ISIS.

“This is not about ISIS, this is not any kind of foreign terror, this is about guns in America and whether or not we’re going to have some kind of moderation to this Second Amendment," said Clyburn, the third highest-ranking Democrat in the House, on MSNBC.

Pavlich said those kinds of statements are a serious problem when it comes to stopping more attacks.

"The issue here is when you have Democrats saying this has nothing to do with ISIS, therein lies the problem. This absolutely has to do with ISIS. The killer pledged his allegiance to ISIS. And until we decide to take on ISIS where they breed, which is not in the United States but overseas, we will continue to see these problems."

Megyn Kelly said, "You get the feeling maybe the two candidates running for office are coming up with plans; you get the feeling that President Obama's like "Eh, it's really hard. Sorry.'"

Watch the segment above.

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