'Are You Gonna Round Them Up?' Greta Grills Trump About Muslims in the U.S.

Gutfeld: Fear of Being Labeled 'Islamophobic' Will Be Our Doom

In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly had a message for President Obama in the terror fight: "Do something!"

"There is no question that President Obama is not winning hearts and minds on the terror front," he said, saying that a "methodical approach to neutralizing ISIS" hasn't worked.

"The savages may be losing individual fights, but their jihad is alive and well."

He said that most Americans want drastic action after the Orlando terror attack, and that won't happen under Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Although he doesn't believe Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims coming into the U.S. would make the country safer, O'Reilly said that Trump has the advantage in the perception that he would be tough on terror because he's not afraid to say "radical Islamic terrorism."

Watch the full memo above.

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