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Tonight on Hannity, Dr. Sebastian Gorka weighed in on the Obama Administration's foreign policy failures, which he said made things worse at every turn.

Gorka: "Wherever you look, the world is on fire. In the Middle East. In Africa. In South Asia. Wherever they have touched a region, our enemies are emboldened and our friends and allies are fearful. Whoever the next president is, it will be a job of Herculean proportions to win back the confidence of everybody who no longer trusts us because of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy and the national security policy of Barack Obama."

Shortly before that, Sean Hannity listed the human rights abuses of several countries that have donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Gorka commended Hannity and his team, saying that if other so-called progressive media outlets also published that information, Clinton's campaign would "go down in flames."

He said that it exposes Clinton as "a person who loves power more than anything else," and that that obsession extends to the entire Democratic Party.

"For the Democrat Party today, reality is optional," he said. "It has been kidnapped by the Alinskyites. For them, it is just the cause. You say whatever you like as long as you can maintain power. It’s not about truth, Sean, anymore, it’s about staying in power and getting the millions."

Watch the fiery segment above.

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