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President Obama is dead wrong in his belief that saying the words "radical Islamic terrorism" will not make a difference, Donald Trump said today.

Trump said the president is so concerned with being politically correct that he's afraid to even call the enemy by name, which endangers our national security.

"Unless you're willing to discuss and talk about the real nature of the problem and the name of the problem - radical Islamic terrorism - you're never going to solve the problem,"  Trump said during a speech in Atlanta.

The presumptive Republican nominee noted that Hillary Clinton appeared to change her stance on the phrase yesterday, referring to "radical Islamism" during a recent  interview.

He noted that's a modified version of the term "radical Islamic terror," saying he will be curious to see how much she uses that type of language on the campaign trail.

Trump added that he doubts Clinton will do anything that Obama doesn't want her to, as long as there's an ongoing investigation into her private email server.

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