Trump Slams Obama: Saying 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' DOES Make a Difference

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Hillary Clinton went after Donald Trump for making "dangerous" statements following the Orlando terror attack at a gay nightclub. 

Speaking in Hampton, Virginia, she argued that Trump is not proposing serious solutions to the threat posed by ISIS and homegrown extremists. 

Clinton took aim at Trump's proposal to ban people from coming into the United States from certain countries.

"This approach isn't just wrong. It is dangerous and I want to emphasize and underline this," said Clinton, noting that the Orlando terrorist was born in Queens, New York, not Afghanistan. 

She argued that a ban on Muslim immigration or the construction of a wall along the southern border would be ineffective against "lone wolf" terrorists. 

"I don't know how one builds a wall to keep the internet out. Not one of Donald Trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in Orlando. It's just more evidence that he's temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief," she said. 

Clinton said the military and law enforcement deserve a "smart, steady" leader who understands "we are stronger when we stand together as Americans and stand together with our allies."

Watch her remarks above.

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