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Orlando terror attack survivor Angel Colon spoke at the Orlando Regional Medical Center today to share his horrifying experience during the shooting at Pulse nightclub.

Colon said he was saying goodbye to his friends shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday when multiple gunshots suddenly rang out.

"We just grabbed each other and we started running," Colon said. "Unfortunately, I was shot about thee times in my leg, so I had fallen down."

He said he tried to get back up, but he couldn't because of his shattered left leg.

In the chaos, he was trampled by people as they tried to escape, so he remained on the ground.

He heard the gunman walking around the nightclub, continuing to fire gunshots.

"I hear him come back, and he's shooting everyone who's dead on the floor, making sure they're dead," Colon said. "I could just see him shooting at everyone."

When the gunman fired shots in Colon's direction, he hit him in the hand and the hip.

"I had no reaction. I was just prepared to just stay there, laying down so he wouldn't know that I'm alive."

After some time, Colon looked up to see a police officer who dragged him out of the nightclub.

"He just drops me off across the street and I look over and there's just bodies everywhere. We're all in pain," Colon said. "We were able to get to the ambulance. They brought us over here."

Watch the harrowing account above.

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