Orlando Survivor Recounts the Heartbreaking Loss of His Partner in Massacre

'Bodies Everywhere': Orlando Terror Attack Survivor Tells His Harrowing Story

Bill O'Reilly sounded off on the Orlando terror attack, calling for Congress to officially declare war on ISIS and other similar terror organizations. 

He argued that this will shift responsibilities from law enforcement to the military to "neutralize terror threats" at home and abroad. 

He said it would also force NATO members to get involved abroad. O'Reilly said the FBI knew about the Orlando attacker, but there was not enough evidence to take action against him. 

He said that investigators would have many more options in a "declared war." 

O'Reilly blamed President Obama for repeatedly failing to take decisive action to "destroy" ISIS, outsourcing the fighting to the Kurds and other groups after pulling back from the Middle East. 

He agreed with Obama that homegrown, lone-wolf terrorism can never be fully eradicated, but argued that ISIS can be destroyed just like the Nazis. 

"There's no difference between ISIS and the Nazi ideology. ... President Obama doesn't seem to understand that you cannot contain evil. You must destroy it," he said. 

O'Reilly then moved to the other issue receiving national attention in the aftermath of the massacre: gun control. 

He agreed with Obama that Congress should debate whether to outlaw certain high-powered firearms. But he said that politicians and pundits are "deceiving" people by claiming that mass murders can be stopped with laws banning guns.

O'Reilly said concealed-carry laws should be determined by each state and called for policies that will punish ISIS and protect Americans at home by "finding realistic solutions to vexing problems."

"Crazed idealogues on both sides actually help the terror killers. So do weak leaders," he concluded.

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above and Charles Krauthammer's reaction below.

Orlando Survivor Recounts the Heartbreaking Loss of His Partner in Massacre

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