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Charles Krauthammer criticized the President Obama for choosing not to use the term "radical Islamic terrorism," accusing him of trying to downplay or disguise the connection between various terrorist attacks.

He said the president "has gone way out of his way" to avoid using the phrase that is the "obviously the most descriptive of the enemy."

"Violent extremism is a completely empty phrase," Krauthammer said. "No one has ever strapped on a suicide vest in the name of extremism. Nobody dies in the name of extremism."

He added: "Obama is deliberately trying to deny, or to hide or to disguise the connection between all of these disparate attacks and groups. And if you want to mobilize a country behind you, you need to tell them who the enemy is, why it's doing what it is. FDR did not say the day after Pearl Harbor, "the day which will live in infamy," 'We were attacked by the violent extremists.'"

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