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The wife of the Orlando nightclub attacker knew of his deadly plans, but did nothing to stop him, Fox News confirmed today. 

Noor Salman, a 30-year-old of Palestinian heritage, was interviewed and given a polygraph test by the FBI in the days since her husband, Omar Mateen, murdered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub. reported

Salman said Mateen shared his plans with her to carry out an attack and Mateen may have even called her from the gay club Pulse during the slaughter, the source said. Salman also confirmed details of Mateen's gun purchases prior to the assault.

A separate source told Fox News that Salman was cooperating with investigators and had shared information about her husband's violent aspirations.

A source told Fox News that the woman is likely to be arrested.

Salman is Mateen's second wife and the couple has a three-year-old son. Mateen's ex-wife said in interviews with the media that he was violent and mentally unstable.

Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted this afternoon, saying that Salman should "absolutely" be arrested.

He added that we do not know whether a lawyer was present with Salman or whether she may have cut some sort of deal with the government in exchange for information.

The judge said Salman could face the death penalty if authorities can prove she participated in her husband's plot to commit the massacre.

"A conspiracy is an agreement among two or more people to perform a criminal act. When one of the two performs the act, the other is just as liable. So depending upon what she told them she did and whether it is independently verifiable, she could be exposed to the death penalty," said Napolitano.

Mateen's father has said his son once became upset at the sight of two gay men kissing in Miami. But it has now emerged that Mateen was a regular patron of the gay nightclub where he perpetrated the massacre and tried to pick up men on a gay dating app.

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