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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke to Special Report to give the latest on the investigation of the Orlando terrorist attack.

He told Bret Baier that Omar Mateen appeared to "self-radicalize" by watching online videos and that the attack was not directed by terrorists.

"It was more in the nature of a terrorist-inspired attack," he said.

Johnson said that using law enforcement and building bridges to American Muslim communities has become increasingly important to combat homegrown self-radicalized terrorists.

He said the department would be issuing a new bulletin on the current threat picture that would take into account the Orlando attack.

Johnson also said that gun control is a matter of homeland security, not just public safety, and called for "sensible gun control measures" consistent with the Second Amendment. 

"I think we have to, as a matter of common sense, minimize the ability of a terrorist to get a hold of assault weapons. Look at the damage that this shooter was able to cause in one nightclub in just a matter of hours with an assault weapon."

Watch the full interview above.

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