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Greg Gutfeld is calling for the media to stop publicizing the perpetrators of large-scale attacks, saying it only encourages other losers to seek infamy in similar ways.

"Each terrorist or mass murderer is consumed by the past work of similar fiends," Gutfeld said. "When cops find their lair, it's often filled with news clippings about attacks that they wish to surpass."

He said that "the less a fiend is seen, the better."

"Why be the PR arm for ISIS? Evil is a contagion, and we must deny the spread, for the spotlight attracts ghouls who find reward in ghoulish action."

Gutfeld also included a few shots at Rolling Stone magazine, which featured Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, and wondered if they'd do the same with Omar Mateen.

"In Islam it's forbidden to show Mohammed's likeness. Let's do the same to his most vile followers."

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