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Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said on Fox and Friends that the White House refused to share vetting information on refugees with Florida law enforcement officials.

Scott recalled having a conversation with the White House after last year's Paris terror attacks in which he pressed for information on refugees from Syria that might be allowed into Florida.

Scott said he wanted to make sure that Florida law enforcement officials would have access to the information for security purposes.

"They said no. ... . They said, 'oh, those people have privacy rights.' What about our security rights?" he asked, adding that he's "fed up" with the Obama administration's policies. 

Since Sunday's terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, it has emerged that the FBI investigated the shooter on two separate occasions, but the case was eventually closed. 

The terrorist, Omar Mateen, was found to have traveled to Saudi Arabia twice and was linked to an American man who carried out a suicide bombing in Syria. 

Meantime, Scott said he has still not heard from President Obama, but did receive a call from former president George W. Bush 

Scott said he received a call from a White House staffer following Sunday's nightclub massacre, but not the president himself. 

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