O'Reilly: 'It's the President's Job to Lead the World Against the Jihad'

Imam: I Never Knew Orlando Terrorist; Attacks Don't Represent Islam

An American former jihadist who became an undercover operative explained why terrorists on U.S. soil have often turned out to be the American children of Muslim immigrants.

Mubin Shaikh told The Kelly File that second-generation Americans can become radicalized against the U.S. as a result of "identity conflicts."

"It's hard to decide who are you supposed to be. For some people in the U.S. who feel people are saying to them, 'You're not American. We don't consider you American enough.' So then they begin to look at other identities that they can latch onto to then have something, some kind of identity."

Shaikh said that Omar Mateen couldn't deal with the fact that he was gay, so he took it out on the LGBT community, "to basically destroy his former self."

Watch the interview above.

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