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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) questioned why President Obama has not reached out after the Orlando terror attack. 

Bondi said President Obama has not called Gov. Rick Scott (R) or herself in the aftermath of the massacre at a gay nightclub, which left 49 people dead and more than 50 wounded.

Speaking to Brian Kilmeade in Orlando, Bondi was asked about the level of communication with the president since the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. 

"No contact with the White House. ... This isn't about politics right now. This is about Americans. I believe he should have reached out to the governor of Florida," she said, adding that she'd "be glad" to meet with Obama. 

Bondi said state officials are working with federal "boots on the ground," like FBI investigators.

The president is slated to meet with his National Security Council this morning and will travel to Orlando on Thursday.

Watch the full interview above.

Gov. Scott discussed the situation with Kilmeade, saying that he heard from a White House staffer, but not the president.

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