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Today on Real Story, Ben Carson defended Donald Trump's proposal to expand a ban on Muslims into the United States from countries with a "proven history of terrorism."

"If Donald Trump is anything it is not politically correct that's for sure," Carson said. "And he's simply pointing out the fact that we have to treat people emigrating here from Canada differently than we do people who are trying to get in here from places where we know there are radical extremist elements who want to destroy us."

Gretchen Carlson said the problem that President Obama and other critics have raised is that Trump is making a blanket statement on banning an entire race and religion.

"You have to look at the spirit, rather than the letter of what he is saying," Carson said.

After being asked to elaborate, Carson said Trump wants more stringent screening requirements to be applied in a serious manner.

"We all say we want more stringent guidelines and then we don't do anything different. And we continue to let them in. So, his point is let's stop the silliness. Let's get very very serious about this."

Watch the interview above.

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