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Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton slammed President Obama's "snarky" comments in which the president went after Republicans for their criticism over his refusal to say "radical Islamic terrorism."

Speaking from the White House this afternoon, Obama chose to angrily target GOP politicians, arguing that 'radical Islam' is not a "magic phrase."

"What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change?" Obama asked. "Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away."

He said the whole debate over the words "radical Islam" is merely a "political distraction."

"There's no magic to the phrase 'radical Islam,'" Obama said. "It's a political talking point, not a strategy."

Amb. Bolton and Judge Jeanine Pirro reacted on Outnumbered after the speech ended, with Bolton going after the president for his tone after the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

"Snark is not an admirable trait and criticizing your political opponents in a speech to the nation at a time when they want to know what we're doing to protect ourselves from other attacks is beneath the dignity of the office. He's never been qualified to be commander-in-chief," he said.

Bolton argued that the country wants to hear answers from Obama on how future attacks are going to be stopped, not a "lecture" directed at his political rivals.

"I think that's un-presidential. I think it shows the president to be a small man," said Bolton, calling Obama "one of the most narcissistic individuals to ever hold that job."

Bolton recommended that Hillary Clinton break with the president on this issue and declare that "as long as Americans are dying, we are not doing enough" against the ISIS threat.

Judge Pirro said Obama's criticism "was an embarrassment" and his words will not make Americans feel safer. 

Watch the full segment above and see Obama's remarks here.

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