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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spoke to Geraldo Rivera near the site of the deadly mass shooting in Orlando, saying the attack confirmed the threat of homegrown terrorism.

"These are people that sometimes never even travel abroad. They get radicalized online by ISIS or some other group, and they attack a soft target. Unfortunately, it happened here in Orlando, but it could have happened anywhere and it may yet happen somewhere else in the future."

He added, "the war on terror's real, and it visited Orlando last night."

Rubio said suspected gunman Omar Mateen wasn't crazy or confused - "he's a terrorist."

"He's a radical Islamic terrorist who took a warped view of his religion and thought it justified the killing of innocent people in a place like what we saw last night."

He said preventing such attacks would require taking away the ability of ISIS to inspire people online; defeating them militarily and getting the Muslim world to reject them ideologically.

Watch the interview above.

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