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New information is emerging about the gunman in the Orlando terror attack, Omar Mateen, including that he was employed by G4S, the largest security firm in the world.

David Satterfield, a spokesman for the firm, said Mateen was an armed security officer who worked at a gated retirement community in south Florida, according to USA Today.

Satterfield said the firm had employed Mateen since September 2007 and he was off-duty at the time of the shooting early Sunday morning.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Varney & Co." today that G4S works for more than 100 governments around the world. He noted that includes the U.S. government, which uses G4S contractors at CIA and nuclear facilities.

"How could he be employed by an employer doing work for the CIA with the background that he had, with the prejudices he had against gays, with the attitude he had about radical Islam and about ISIS?" Judge Napolitano asked. "How could they not have noticed it?"

Judge Napolitano added that Mateen qualified for the highest level of weaponry that one can qualify for in Florida, calling this an "extraordinary breakdown" in the background checks required for someone in his position.

He said it would be very interesting to find out what the FBI learned about Mateen when they investigated him in 2013 and 2014 regarding terror threats, and what other government agencies like the NSA knew about him.

Stuart Varney said this opens a "Pandora's box" of questions regarding Muslims working in positions with high-level security clearances.

Judge Napolitano agreed, but noted that the Constitution would not allow increased surveillance of Muslims based on their religion.

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