President Obama said this afternoon that it appears the Orlando terrorist made a "last-minute" decision to call 911 and pledge his allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

The president spoke from the White House after Sunday's mass shooting at a gay nightclub, which killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others. 

"It appears that the shooter was inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated on the internet," he noted.

Obama said that the FBI sees no "clear evidence that [Omar Mateen] was directed externally," adding that the terrorism investigation is in a preliminary phase.

"It does appear that at the last minute he announced allegiance to ISIL," he said.

Obama added that there is also no evidence that Mateen was part of a larger terror plot, likening the massacre to the San Bernardino attack. 

"As far as we can tell, this is certainly an example of the kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time."

He reiterated that there must be a national debate about "easy access to firearms" while also going after ISIS.

"It's not either-or, it's both-and. We have to go after these terrorist organizations and hit them hard," he said.

The president noted that Mateen was able to purchase his weapons rather easily in Florida.

"We have to make sure that it's not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons to get at them," said Obama.

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