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Fox News Contributor Julie Roginsky and Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson faced off over Donald Trump "revoking" the Washington Post's press credentials at his campaign events because of a headline he found outrageous.

The headline read "Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting" and was written after Trump said on Fox and Friends this morning that "there's something going on" with Obama when it comes to Islamic terror attacks.

Roginsky said Trump did in fact imply that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer, something which she says he has hinted at in the past.

"That is quite a startling statement to make as the presumptive Republican nominee and the man that wants to be the next president."

She said that the Washington Post should not be banned for a headline just because he doesn't like it.

"This is not the Soviet Union. I know he admires Vladimir Putin, who banned a tremendous amount of media in Russia that Donald Trump would want to have happen here. But we're not Russia. This cannot happen in this country where you have somebody banning an outlet they don't like."

When pressed by Megyn Kelly to explain the meaning of Trump's comment, Pierson said "he means that something is wrong."

"Why do we have a president that refuses to talk about the problem? We just had Americans butchered, murdered. And he refuses to acknowledge the radical Islamic extremism here."

Watch the segment above.

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