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Greg Gutfeld reacted to calls for gun control measures after the Orlando terrorist attack, saying that doing so shifts blame from the hateful ideology behind it.

"If Orlando is gun violence, then what was 9/11 -- box-cutter violence? Shall we blame hardware stores for that act? Pressure cookers caused the Boston bombing. Shall we blame Crate & Barrel?"

He added that "blaming an inanimate object absolves you of actual guts."

"It wasn't the availability of weapons that caused these acts. It was a hateful, murderous, homophobic, misogynistic ideology."

Gutfeld said this ideology sees "murdering gays as an act of compassion, and it's a belief that's ignored by multiculturalists."

"So lefties, if you never spoke out against that, shut up about guns."

He also called out Pope Francis for lashing out against guns, rather than Islamists, saying that if the Vatican were as unarmed as the Pulse nightclub had been, the Pope would not be alive.

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