Krauthammer: Hillary Can Say 'Radical Islam' Because Bernie Is No Longer a Factor

Trump: When I'm Elected, I Will Suspend Immigration from Some Countries

Tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, Donald Trump talked with Bill O'Reilly about Orlando, terrorism and refugees, and was challenged about some of his positions and rhetoric.

He continued criticism of Hillary Clinton for not protecting gay people because, he says, she is soft on terrorism.

"I'm far better for the gay community than she is," Trump said. "She talks a lot about it, and yet she'll allow people in who want to kill people from the community, and I think it's terrible. The same thing with women."

Trump said Clinton wants a "500 percent increase in people coming in from Syria that are radical Islamists, in many cases."

Bill O'Reilly said that Clinton and the Democratic Party as a whole want to bring in non-radical Muslims under a humanitarian banner.

Trump responded that she has no way of knowing who's coming in.

"There no paperwork. There's no documentation. Sure, they think everyone's going to be beautiful. These people, they'll tell everybody how wonderful they are. And they'll come in, and then they'll blow up a club like they blew up over the weekend, or they'll do something else."

O'Reilly said Trump was "conflating both radicals with refugees" and asked if he believed there was a danger that Trump's "hot rhetoric" could be contributing to "a demonization of all Muslims in general."

Trump said it was the opposite, saying that he's been getting phone calls from Muslims thanking him and that he has "incredible" Muslim friends.

"The fact is she's allowing massive numbers of people to come in and they're not all radicalized and they're not all terrorists, but it doesn't' take many, Bill. If you take a look, this is one young man that did this damage, 50 people killed and probably a lot more to follow, they're very very gravely injured in hospitals right now." 

Trump also said that Muslims have to report trouble when they see it going on.

"They've gotta report him. Because the Muslims are the ones that see what's going on. The Muslims are the ones that have to report him. And if they don't report him, then there have to be consequences to them."

Watch part one of the interview above and part two below.

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