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Dr. Ben Carson believes that the deadly attack at an Orlando nightclub reinforces the need for our leaders to get more serious about cracking down on potential terrorist activity.

During an appearance on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Carson said politicians are too politically correct and are reluctant to even utter the words "radical Islamic terror," which hurts the objective of keeping Americans safe.

"This is not to say that all people of Islamic background are bad people, no more than it would be any other group who had radical elements," Carson said. "But we've got to be smart enough to separate the two things out."

He added that the lack of security at our southern border is another example of political correctness encroaching on common sense.

"We have got to serious about this or we're going to destroy ourselves with our silliness," Carson said. "To just just be so ideologically driven that you can't see that is problematic."

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