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A former coworker of the Orlando nightclub terrorist talked to The Kelly File about his old colleague, saying his personality was so unbearable that he was driven to leave the company.

Daniel Gilroy said he worked as a PGA Village gate security guard with Omar Mateen for a year and described his anger as "constant."

"There was never a moment where he didn't have anger and rage. And he was always loud and cursing. And anytime a female or a black person came by, he would use horrible words."

Gilroy said that one time after having an exchange with a black gentleman, Mateen said that he wanted to "kill all those n-----s." He would also make negative comments about homosexuals and Jews.

He said that Mateen didn't discuss Islam, but did worship heavily, praying several times a day on a mat he brought in.

Gilroy said that he left the company because the employer wouldn't get rid of Mateen, and Mateen's stalker-like behavior around him also began to worry Gilroy and his family.

Watch the interview above.

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