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Dr. Zuhdi Jasser said that if the Orlando mass shooting is indeed linked to radical Islam, then it should be a wakeup call for moderate Muslims.

"At which point are we Muslims going to look in the mirror and declare war on what has declared war on us as Americans?" Jasser said. "That's really what needs to happen."

Jasser said the enemy isn't violent extremism or "lone wolves," but a global ideology of "political Islam."

"It attacks free speech, it attacks free secular countries," Jasser said, asserting that this particular gay nightclub was targeted because homophobia is central to "political Islam."

He said it's time for Muslims to stop denying the problem and confront this "Islamo-nationalism."

"Muslims need to be part of it. We can't get past it without real reforms to get our Sharia Islamic law out of the 13th century in which it's stuck."

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