Report: Orlando Shooter Called 911 to Pledge Allegiance to ISIS

Trump Reacts to Orlando Shooting: 'When Will We Get Tough, Smart and Vigilant?'

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton criticized the Obama Administration for treating terrorist attacks "solely as a law enforcement matter, and not as a struggle with an ideology that despises our entire way of life."

Bolton said that even if President Obama used the term "radical Islamic terrorism" to characterize the attacks, it wouldn't change his policies.

"The fact is this is war is and not law enforcement," Bolton said. "This attack is not the equivalent of a jumped-up attack on the corner grocery store. This is an act of war against the United States. Obama has never acted in response that way."

Bolton said the way to defeat the anti-U.S. ideology is "militarily in the places that it exists." He said that airstrikes have not been enough to drive ISIS from their strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

Watch the interview above, and read Bolton's op-ed on the attacks here.

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