'Who Would Tony Soprano Vote For?': Watters' World Hits the Jersey Shore

Watters' World Investigates America's Airport Chaos

Take a Hillary Clinton rally, add Jesse Watters and you get must-see TV!

On a new episode of Watters' World this weekend, watch what happened when Jesse headed to New Jersey to grill Clinton's supporters about why they're voting for the former First Lady.

Watters also hit the beach for a Memorial Day military history quiz and you can probably guess how that went...

Plus, Watters has must-see interviews with billionaire investor Mark Cuban and The O'Reilly Factor's own Bill O'Reilly.

See it all on a one-hour Watters' World on Fox News Channel Saturday night at 8 ET, and Sunday night at 9!

And don't miss a new episode of "Legends & Lies: The Patriots" on Sunday at 8:00pm ET, right before Watters.

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