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A new Fox News national poll found that most Americans don't trust Hillary on the email issue.

By a 60-27 percent margin, registered voters think she’s lying about how her emails were handled while she was secretary of state.

And by 57-32 percent, voters say U.S. safety was at risk because of Clinton’s mishandling of national secrets.

Chris Stirewalt told Real Story the sentiment is a culmination of the controversy dragging on for 15 months. He said that releasing the emails in "drips" allowed Clinton to get through the primary without the scandal ever taking on "such a large weight that it would be disqualifying."

"Now she's through the primary but she gets to the end of it, and it turns out in the general electorate, she is broadly mistrusted not just on this issue, but broadly speaking. People don't trust her, they don't believe her, and that is her big cross to bear as she goes into this general election with Donald Trump."

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