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Last month, a dating website popped up for those who would move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president. 

Now the opposite is available. TrumpSingles.com offers Trump supporters the opportunity to connect. 

Founder David Goss said the site's launch was very successful and that a six-month subscription costs $24.95.

Goss said he wants to make it easier for people with the same political views to find each other, noting that one-in-four relationships are destroyed by differing political views.

He lamented the fact that Trump supporters are being subjected to negative stereotypes and looked down upon by people who dislike the presumptive GOP nominee.

"[The Trump single] is just a fun-loving person. It's not anybody that's different from anybody else. We just have our views and we stick to them and we're proud of them," said Goss.

Watch the Fox and Friends interview above.

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