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Charles Krauthammer reacted to President Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton and meeting with Bernie Sanders, calling it "a carefully choreographed Kabuki play."

Krauthammer described the sequence of events which he said would lead to Sanders dropping out of the race after the D.C. primary. A meeting with Hillary Clinton, he said, will determine "what the price is for his acquiescence and support," and they will come out with a joint announcement.

"You could write this script in advance and everybody's playing his or her part," he said.

"So, the Dems are coalescing," Megyn Kelly said, to which Krauthammer agreed.

Meanwhile, he said, on the Republican side, Donald Trump's racially-charged comments about the judge presiding over his trial have put the coalescence behind his candidacy "on hiatus," noting some politicians who've withdrawn or suspended their support.

Yet, he said, Republicans who think there might be some alternative to Trump are in a "fantasy" and "can't accept reality."

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