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A father whose son was assaulted by left-wing agitators outside a Donald Trump rally spoke out on Hannity.

Craig attended the San Jose, California, event with his young son, who was chased by the angry mob and thrown to the ground. 

"He got hit twice in the back of the head. He had two lumps on his head," he explained. 

Video from the scene showed the teenage boy running from the huge mob.

"The police, they had other things to worry about I guess, I don't know," said Craig, explaining that officers stopped him as he pleaded with them to let him through to check on his son.

"These weren't protesters, these were people looking for a fight," he said, explaining that he's been told that the officers were told to "let the protesters protest."

Hannity then talked to the attorney for a woman who was pelted with eggs during the same riot.

Harmeet Dhillon said the "mob of criminals" threw several objects at the woman, shoving her and yelling at her before she escaped inside a hotel. 

Dhillon said all of the Trump supporters were denied their constitutional right to free assembly, which is a civil rights violation.

Both explained that the police officers forced the Trump supporters into the path of the mob, where they were attacked.

Dhillon said Trump supporters are generally pro-law enforcement, but in this instance, 250 police officers "did not lift a finger" while people were assaulted.

Watch the full interview above.

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