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A second Katie Couric documentary film is now being called out for another alleged case of deceptive editing. 

A few weeks ago, pro-gun activists said that the Couric documentary, Under the Gun, edited an interview to make them look clueless.

Now, an Alabama university dean claims that his statements were also misrepresented in the 2014 documentary, Fed Up, which examined U.S. obesity rates and the food industry. 

Dr. David Allison, associate dean of science, said that the film makers cut off one of his answers from an interview with Couric. 

The clip makes Allison look like he doesn't have an answer to give about the link between sugary drinks and obesity.

He recalled that he took a long pause right before giving his answer, which never made it into the film. 

"She denied the American public the opportunity to really hear the evidence and the ideas," he said.

Allison was speaking about why previous studies might not be conclusive on linking sugary drinks to obesity. 

Steve Doocy said Couric is welcome to come on the show and give her side of the story. 

Watch the interview and footage above.

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