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Man Who Helped Stop Stanford Rape: Turner Did Not Seem Too Drunk

The former Stanford University student who received an unusually light sentence for the rape of a young woman blamed "party culture" and the effects of alcohol for his actions. 

Brock Turner, 20, wrote to Judge Aaron Persky in what turned out to be a successful bid to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

Turner was convicted of raping an unconscious young woman behind a dumpster outside a fraternity party in Jan. 2015.

He wrote:

I made a mistake, I drank too much, and my decisions hurt someone. But I never ever meant to intentionally hurt [redacted]. My poor decision making and excessive drinking hurt someone that night and I wish I could just take it all back.

However, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren last night, one of the two men who stopped the rape and confronted Turner recalled that he did not seem overly intoxicated.

Turner also argued to the judge that the victim was "moaning" and consented.

"I asked her if she was enjoying what I was doing, to which she gave me a positive response," he wrote.

(Read the full letter, here.)

Turner faced a maximum of 14 years for the violent sexual assault and prosecutors asked for a six-year term.

Instead, the judge sent him to a county jail for six months and Turner will likely be freed in half that time. 

Persky wrote that sending Turner to prison would have a "severe impact" on him. Since the sentence was handed down, nearly a million people have signed a petition supporting Persky's removal.

In a now-viral letter which she read in court, the female victim criticized Turner for failing to take responsibility, blaming alcohol and claiming that she gave consent.

Fox News anchor and attorney Gregg Jarrett discussed the sentence in the video above.

He noted that Turner, in his letter, never offered an outright apology or appeared to show true remorse.

"He blamed everyone except himself," said Jarrett. 

Let us know your thoughts on the letter and the sentence.

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