READ: Stanford Rapist Blames 'Party Culture,' Alcohol in Letter to Judge

Man Who Helped Stop Stanford Rape: Turner Did Not Seem Too Drunk

The Stanford Law professor leading the effort to oust the judge in the Stanford rape case joined On the Record, saying that the six-month sentence received by Brock Turner was "clearly unjustified."

"I think that the judge bent over backwards in order to give this young man a very lenient sentence," Michele Dauber said.

 Dauber said that the minimum sentence prescribed by the legislature is two years, which should have been a reasonable minimum sentence for the crime.

She said that when Judge Aaron Persky issued such a light sentence, he "broke faith with the jury" and "undid their work," and so she can't blame jurors for not wanting to serve under him.

"They don't trust him."

Dauber encouraged viewers interested in joining the recall to visit the website.

Watch the interview above.

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