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Bill O'Reilly says Donald Trump's "only chance to win the presidency" rests on the economy.

"With the media and other powerful left wing interests allied against Mr. Trump, his mandate to win the election is to convince the majority of voters that he can bring a vibrant economy back to America," he said in tonight's Talking Points.

He said that the economy hasn't come back from the recession it plunged into more than eight years ago, "no matter what kind of propaganda you hear." And yet, he said, Hillary Clinton would only continue President Obama's failed policies of high taxes and heavy regulation.

"So Donald Trump has the economic field pretty much all to himself."

But O'Reilly says the candidate must "get very specific" on policies to return jobs, saying that plans involving trade with China and a wall on the Mexican border may not pan out.

"Nothing is ever easy in the economic precincts. But that is where Donald Trump will either live or die as a presidential candidate."

Watch the full memo above.

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