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Gutfeld: 'How Does Hillary Know She Won't Be Indicted?'

Charles Krauthammer explained on Special Report why it was the right move for Hillary Clinton to say she was 100 percent confident there'd be no indictment over her email scandal.

Krauthammer said that if Clinton ends up being indicted, "the story is going to be the indictment," not that she wrongly predicted it.

"So she loses nothing by saying, or if you like, pretending, that she's worried about nothing."

Krauthammer also said that Bernie Sanders meeting with President Obama today was "carefully orchestrated" to negotiate the Vermont senator's exit from the race, predicting that it would happen after the Washington, D.C. primary next week.

"Everybody is doing his or her part. He said he's going to meet with Hillary. That will be the point at which he formally hands over his sword, and he will have negotiated the quid pro quo inside his own Appomattox."

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